Our Story

I'm Kamey, owner of Mama Ann's Boutique. Kamey is like Amy but with a K.

After five and a half years of serving families in early childhood education
and becoming a wife and mother, I felt my heart began shift. It began to feel
deeply burdened for young girls and women, specifically by the lies society
feeds us. I longed to combat them and wanted to be more intentional in sharing
and extending the love that Jesus has given to me while embracing my new
role as wife and mother. That coupled with a love for clothing led my
husband and I to the idea of Mama Ann's.

When choosing a name, I kept telling my husband that I wanted more
than a name for something that I hoped would become more than a boutique.
I wanted a timeless label that would reflect the brand I hoped to build.

Martha Ann, better know as Mama Ann, is my husband's late-grandmother.
Although she passed before I met her, she is highly regarded and remembered
as loving, hospitable, and a little spunky. The more I prayed and thought,
Mama Ann's was the obvious choice for a brand that would strive to
be God honoring, serve, encourage, and grow women.

Our hope is that Mama Ann's become an outlet where women can find
encouragement as well as chic, modest, and affordable clothing while being 
provided with opportunities to grow in benevolence by supporting local causes.